Humanize Webinar with Jamie Notter
How people-centric organizations succeed in a social world
Today's social organizations must do more than adopt social tools. The real value, and key to conversations, is in changing the way your organization relates by becoming more open, by embracing the more human-focused principles that have driven the growth of social media, like being open, trustworthy, generative, and courageous.
Join author Jamie Notter as he focuses on one of the key concepts in their book, Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World, being open.
You’ll get concrete tips you can use to:
  • Create a culture that is more decentralized
  • Build systems thinking into your processes and structure
  • Figure out how to make “ownership” a real behavior in your workplace
Learn how to get started in creating a more human organization, and you’ll find that the adoption of the social media tools will become both easier and more effective.
Tuesday, November 13th 2012
2 pm EST
Jamie Notter
Host - Christina G. Smith
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